Credit Union Rating Information

IDC's Credit Union Financial Profiles analyzes and ranks the quality of all credit unions reporting to the NCUA. Every quarter since 1985, we have assessed each institution’s strengths and weaknesses using our proprietary "CAMEL" analysis. The Credit Union Financial Profiles is an invaluable diagnostic tool and reference for financial professionals.

The Credit Union Financial Profiles identifies several financial ratios, assigns a weight factor to each based on its relative importance to the health of the institution, and then combines the overall view into a numeric summary rating. Ratings range from 1 (the lowest) to 300 (the highest). Our publication includes instructions for calculating a rating so the subscriber can see how each ratio impacts the credit union safety rating.

This publication is over 400 pages in length! Credit unions are listed alphabetically by state. In addition, we provide you with the same analysis for corporate credit unions. Informative comparisons, peer group listings and more are included.

The Credit Union Financial Profiles is available in print and database formats on a subscription (4 quarters) and single-issue basis.

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