Archive: March 2020

Capital Requirements Measure Safety and Soundness of Banks

Covid-19 and a second quarter 2020 short-term recession have created major risk in the banking system. Reports on bank financial conditions to be released in May (2020Q1) and August (2020Q2) will detail this risk. Subscribe to IDC Financial Publishing’s online portal to receive updates. Out of the 1,939 institutions with brokered deposits,…

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Changes In Negative-Yielding Debt Control U.S. Treasury Yields

From February 26th to March 9th negative-yielding debt rose from $14.0 to $14.9 trillion and the Fed of NY increased its balance sheet from $4.16 to $4.31 trillion. Both increases provided liquidity to the system and resulted in a reduction in the 3-month T-Bill yield from 1.53% to 0.33% during the…

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