Identifying Bank Deposit Flows

IDCFP Estimates Brokered Time Deposits Less Than $250,000 with or without CUSIPs and Sweep Accounts vs. Reported Total Brokered Deposits, Reciprocals, and Brokered Time Deposits over $250,000

 IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. (IDCFP)’s estimate of brokered time deposits less than $250,000 for banks is calculated as total brokered deposits, less estimated sweeps, reported reciprocal accounts, and reported brokered deposits of more than $250,000.  IDCFP’s estimated CD data can be further stratified by institutions with CD CUSIPs vs. institutions without CUSIPs. 

Estimates of sweep accounts and brokered deposits less than $250,000 are calculated using a unique methodology employing deposit account characteristics including totals, as well as, quarterly changes in various categories of deposits, a discussion which is beyond the scope of this article.

The estimate of brokered time deposits less than $250,000 for 1,165 banks with outstanding CUSIPs, as of September 30, 2017, was $277.0 billion, compared to eligible, bank brokered deposits held at DTC of $270.5 billion.  Totals from DTC include credit unions and foreign banks and agencies.


From IDCFP’s deposit database, you can determine: 

1.    The domestic banks with or without CUSIPs, the total amount of estimated brokered time deposits less than $250,000 (Col. 8) and the dollar and percentage change over the last year (Col. 9 and 10)

2.    For each bank, the estimated sweep accounts and reported reciprocals and brokered deposits over $250,000

3.    Characteristics of domestic banks with CUSIPs issuing estimated brokered time deposits can be used to determine other domestic banks as potential issuers of brokered time deposits in the future.  Characteristics, for all domestic banks, include the loan to deposit ratio, loan growth in dollars and percentages and other pertinent ratios (see sample of data that follows or for all deposit data request a database sample).

Largest Total of Brokered Time Deposits Less Than $250,000


Largest Dollar  Increase in Brokered Time Deposits Less Than $250,000 over Past Year