Custom Rating Reports

IDC offers a series of rating specialized reports and services. Whether you need a detailed report on a specific institution (IDC's Management Review), or a group of institutions specific to your needs (Peer Group Report), IDC can give you the information you require.

IDC also publishes user-defined customized reports. You pick the institutions, ratios, geographic area, etc. that you want in a customized report made especially for you. IDC is committed to providing you, the financial professional, with the information you want, the way you want it.

IDC Management Review

The IDC Management Review is the most complete, in-depth analysis available. It provides a 5-page written evaluation of the overall performance of a single financial institution, along with a graph displaying the numerical safety rating over the past five years.

In addition, there are Quality Maps of financial ratios and Special Ratio Analysis Maps including operating expenses, deposit, and loan strategies. Maps of loan and investment portfolio performance are shown for banks, bank holding companies and FDIC-reporting savings banks. A map of Quarterly Total Return on investments is included for all these institutions as well.

You will receive a complete glossary of definitions and detailed instructions for calculating ratings.

IDC also offers a Historical Analysis of an institution, with a detailed history of key financial ratios including profit margin, and its standard deviation or volatility, as far back as 1984. Save when ordering a Management Review with Historical Analysis.

Peer Group Reports

IDC is able to extract and manipulate all of the data that goes into producing our information to meet your specific needs. If you are only interested in specific banks or institutions, or any other defining attributes, IDC can help! Just let us know the parameters and we can create a customized Peer Group Report for you. You can receive it in printed form, electronic form, or both!

Prices vary, so please contact us for a quote.

Database Products

IDC has all of the data that goes into producing our information available in an Excel format. You may receive our standard distribution in an Excel format or you may want specific information on certain institutions. The choice is yours! The files for banks, savings institutions, and credit unions including corporate credit unions, are distributed via our secure download portal.

To receive a quote for IDC's database products tailored to your requirements, please click here and complete the Use of Service Statement. Upon completion, be sure to click the "SUBMIT" button to receive a quote for the site services requested. To view IDC's License and Subscription Agreement click here.

Credit Union Reports

IDCFP offers a list of credit unions issuing insured nonmember deposits with outstanding CUSIPs as well as credit unions with insured nonmember deposits without CUSIPs as potential new issuers of brokered deposits. To get the list click here.

A more detailed list of each credit union’s deposits and CUSIPs held, plus additional information including a credit union’s respective growth, is available upon request to IDCFP’s online premium portal subscribers as well as subscribers of IDCFP’s credit union database.

Please contact us for more information.