Custom Rating Reports

IDC offers a series of rating specialized reports and services, including a detailed report on a specific institution (In-Depth Management Review), the breakdown of an institution rank (Components of Rank of Financial Ratios), as well as a History of Rank and Full Financial Ratios report. IDC can give you the information you require.

IDC Management Review

The IDC Management Review is the most complete, in-depth analysis available. It provides a 5-page written evaluation of the overall performance of a single financial institution, along with a graph displaying the numerical safety rating over the past five years.

Components of Rank Report

IDC is not the only ranking service that purports to rate financial institutions, but we are the only ones who take the mystery out of the process. The Components of Rank report breaks down a rank into several categories, including asset size, liquidity risk, loan performance, and net operating profit margin, among many other components. Using the steps provided in our instructions for calculating the rank that are a part of Components of Rank Report, you can compute the rank for your institution.

History of Rank and Full Financial Ratios

IDC also offers a Historical Analysis of an institution, with a detailed history of key financial ratios including profit margin, and its standard deviation or volatility, from institution inception, as far back as 1984.