What's New + FAQs


- What's New -

  • Subscriptions based only on what you need. New plans based on the quantity of ranks you look up each quarter.
  • Access to current ranks anytime during the quarter as well as the ability to purchase historical data.
  • Easier navigation and more user-friendly search parameters.
  • The ability to create watch lists each quarter that can be modified and customized**
  • Create and share watch lists with members of your team*
  • The ability to upload institution lists into the portal*
  • The ability to set rank alerts*
*Available with premium subscription plans
**Available with enhanced and premium subscription plans

If you have feedback about the portal, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

- Help Center/FAQs -

See the videos below to answer frequently asked questions about how to use the portal. Double-click on the video to enlarge it and display it in full screen mode.

How do I search for an institution?

What are IDCFP's new pricing plans?

How do I purchase a Premium Plan?

How do I purchase an Enhanced Plan?

How do I purchase annual or quarterly access to a single institution?

How do I create a Watch List?

How do I create multiple Watch Lists and navigate between lists?

How do I update my Watch List each quarter when new ranks are published?