Archive: March 2018

Bank Capital Requirements: The C in CAMEL

IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. (IDCFP) uses the acronym CAMEL and its component financial ratios to evaluate the safety and soundness of commercial banks and savings institutions. This article explains how IDCFP uses the bank capital requirements ratios as a component of its CAMEL ranking system and why it is valuable…

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A Potential Banking Crisis in 2020 or 2021

Component “E” of IDCFP’s CAMEL, Which Forecast the 2008 Economic Crisis in Banking as Early as 2005, Indicates a Potential Banking Crisis in 2020 or 2021 This article on “The Early Warning Signal of a Potential Banking Crisis” summarizes the components of CAMEL as a forecast of the next banking crisis. …

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Identifying Brokered Bank Deposit Flows by Bank

IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. (IDCFP)’s estimate of brokered time deposits less than $250,000 for banks is calculated as total brokered deposits, less estimated sweeps, reported reciprocal accounts, and reported brokered deposits of more than $250,000. IDCFP’s estimated CD data can be further stratified by institutions with CD CUSIPs vs. institutions…

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