Archive: June 2018

IDCFP’s Early Warning Signal Forecasts A Potential Banking Crisis in 2021

Brokers of CDs and investors in CDs, as well as insurance companies, federal agencies, state governments, interbank lending, and a host of other institutions rely on IDC Financial Publishing’s (IDCFP’s) CAMEL rankings to make better business decisions. Our unique and proprietary methodology provides early warning signs of the next potential…

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Estimating Brokered Certificates

As a broker, would you be interested to learn about new banks as potential issuers of brokered CDs? Would it be helpful to see the characteristics of a bank, such as loan to deposit ratio or loan growth, that could be applied to similar institutions? IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. (IDCFP) has…

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IDC's Record Predicting Bank Failure and Recovery

Washington State Department of Financial Institutions has listed on their website “IDC has a remarkable track record of identifying deteriorating or improving performance months, and sometimes years, before it becomes apparent to other ranking companies.” From 1990 to 2018, there were 1,423 failures of banks. Of these, 89% (1,272 banks)…

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