Archive: September 2018

How IDCFP Forecasts the Next Banking Crisis

Brokers of CDs and investors in CDs, as well as insurance companies, federal agencies, state governments, interbank lending, and a host of other institutions rely on IDC Financial Publishing’s (IDCFP’s) CAMEL rankings to make better business decisions. Our unique and proprietary methodology provides early warning signs of the next potential…

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ROE vs COE is the Best Indicator of Bank Stock Value in 2018

IDC Financial Publishing (IDCFP) measures relative profitability of bank holding companies by comparing the IDCFP return on equity (NOPAT ROE) to its definition of the cost of equity (COE). Margin between ROE and COE (included in the “M” in IDCFP’s unique CAMEL analysis) is a key measure of management. If…

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